Adding instructor signature for Flight Reviews etc

Troy Feltis

New member
May 3, 2022
How do instructors sign off a Flight Review? I understand how to add it in the History. ForeFlight has a signature field for instructors to sign digitally.
I just found a need for this feature so I am a little late to the party. I experimented with it and I am unsure about what it does. Does the info only stay in my phone/tablet? What about when I purge my flights? Does the signature transfer to LBP at all? Is there no way to make an entry in LBPm and also make an entry into "history" for things like a Flight review? A checkbox in LBPm that instructs a history entry seems appropriate.

Since I don't keep a paper logbook I find it necessary to keep a paper "something" to have an instructor sign until I can fill up a page and take it in to have him sign my LBP printed copy. I would love to get away from a paper logbook altogether.
There is no need to purge data from the mobile app any longer and it's discouraged and we hide the purge buttons by default for new users.
I used to import my whole months schedule at one time. I like my earliest flight on top in unsynced. That puts the earliest flight on top in synced as well.

It's a pain in the butt to need to go back into settings to put the latest flight on top in synced if I need to check something because then it's flip flopped in unsynced. If you had a button on top that flips the flights it would be different. To scroll through hundreds of flights is tedious.

I predict thumb joint replacement surgery will be a thing of the future...
I did see this, but who wants stickers in their professional logbook? Instructors sign on the line they give dual instruction. That's what I'm looking for.

As far as printing endorsements. I would be highly in favor of an endorsement page like the back of a Jepp logbook. Endorsements don't happen often or they come in spurts. I like that the only signature I have in my logbook was still printed off a jpg. If an instructors signature could be printed from LBPm onto the line of instruction given it would me much more professional.
The order of data should be the same in all tabs. The tabs only filter what data is showing. Please re-check this and if it's not honoring the setting of Data Sort let me know.
It does sort the same, earliest on top or latest on top.

I like the next flight I fly to be at the top of unsynced. That puts the flight I flew in 2018 on top of synced. The info I will need is gonna be at the bottom of the pile and now i'm scrolling through five years of flights to get to my recent flight info. Again, a button that would flip the info would be much simpler than hunting it down in settings.