Aerolog Pro Import


Oct 19, 2003
Can Logbook Pro import using ODBC? More specifically, can it import from Aerolog Pro?

Logbook Pro imports using a custom Import Wizard within the software. If you can get your data into a program such as Microsoft Excel (which should read ODBC...) format it as close to the Spreadsheet Style logbook as possible. Then click File...Import to import your data. If you are not a licensed customer of Logbook Pro, don't worry, you can still use the Import Wizard to verify importability, but it will stop at the license limit of 50 entries.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the quick reply. I noticed that a there is an NC-Software that shows up in the ODBC lists brought up in Excel so I thought there might be a more direct way.

I hope version 2 of Logbook Pro will have some type of TAG capability. I am finding a need to track things like instruction by school the training was received from, manufacturer approved training (CSIP in the case of Cirrus), instructor name, etc.

Thanks again. I'll see if the Excel method can work. Aerolog has no direct export function that I can find.
Aerolog import export

You can export Aerolog data by requesting a export template from the Aerolog support site. With that template you can export your logbook data to an Excel CSV file and then import it into Logbook Pro.