Aircraft Ident


Mar 26, 2002
I noticed that when I select the aircraft column, I get adrop down to select the aircraft. When I select the Aircraft Ident. column, I don't get a drop down. I am using E# aircraft (ultralights). Is the program set up only to reconize N # aircraft?
Logbook Pro is not tied to any particular rule or reg, E or N type aircraft. The Type column drop down shows you the aircraft types as entered in Options...Aircraft. The Ident column drop down shows Idents previously entered for that particular TYPE. If none are shown, type it in manually and it will be shown in future entries, depending on how long ago that Ident was flown in that Type.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
Thanks Neal,
My mistake, pushing buttons too fast.

I love the fast way you respond to problems, I wish other tech support companies would take lessons from you.

Jim Leon