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Aircraft model & registration #


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Jun 1, 2012
I have the latest logbook pc pro for windows 7. I just got the ipad3 iOS 5.1. When I select model aircraft on the pc, igot list of associated "N numbers" that I have flown with that particular model, for example over the years I have flown several 172s, and after you enter the n number one it saves to list for selection later. However, on the iPad I don't have that "many to one" relationship. Is it because the way aircraft is static at initalization of the iPad sync the first time. It's a GREAT tool but, gets old entering n numbers...Thanks in advance!

Neal Culiner

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Nov 14, 2001
Hello Steve,

The iPad app does not have your entire logbook so we cannot generate a list of tail numbers like the PC has available. Logbook Pro PC edition takes your current flight date and builds a history "recently used" list of A/C information to give you these Idents. As the iPad doesn't have that it is not available. If you fly the same aircraft often I suggest using the Recent Recall "New Flight Auto-Populate" capability and the app will fill in the last Ident used for you automatically. Review the settings available to you in the app's Settings/Flight Log area. For more information please see:

Logbook Pro Documentation