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Jun 6, 2018

I'm catching up on my logbook that is many years behind and I have a few questions. I have uploaded all my schedules from my company's scheduling software. However when uploading my first few years I didn't auto fill any information. So I have a lot of flights with just duration, I was curious if there was a way to quickly add day landing, cross country, and either second in command or PIC.

Second, a lot of flights from years ago on my company's schedule removed the aircraft N number and make and model. It replaced the make and model with a 3 digit code that I can determine if its a CRJ-200/700/900. Is there a way to make all of one 3 digit code be all changed to, for example, a CRJ-200 with a tail number of 123AB?

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For issue #1; would it be possible to just delete the legs and reimport them again but this time have autofill enabled?
I found an old archived forum post (Googled your aircraft merger issue) and it would have to be something Neal would have to do for you in the database on his end. I'd suggest just making new aircraft types that are all identical to the type you want them merged in to.

i.e. Aircraft types

all to be merged to CRJ-200

You will then backup your data file File>Backup and then send it by submitting a tech support ticket on the help desk ( Tell them clearly what you want merged - "3digitA merged to CRJ-200", etc.
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please submit a support ticket with your request of what you want changed and your backup file.

To create the backup file select FILE..BACKUP TO FILE and choose skip password when prompted.