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Sep 19, 2015
I have downloaded my past schedules as a text document onto my computer. I want to use the airline schedule importer to start a logbook for this. A few questions before I get started....1) Can I start a new log book in Logbook Pro with only Jet time, but carry over my TT from a previous logbook? 2) How do I do that with 1 entry? 3) What fields in the options/auto fill do I need to complete before I start my download, which will have 3 versions of the CRJ & 1 ERJ type? 4)How do we set up auto fill for night time? Thanks. Paula
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1. Yes, You can create a new logbook with Jet time if you want.

2. You would need to make a manual entry in the new logbook that contains all the times that were in your previous logbook. This entry would have to be made under a fictitious aircraft type called "previous time" or something like that. You would lose all the detail in the previous logbook for purposes of analysis since you would then no longer have different values for different aircraft types, tail numbers, etc. but it can be done.

3. For autofill you should just browse the autofill settings and enable the fields that you wish to be autofilled. There is no magic formula there, it is just your preference. Do take note that each aircraft has its own autofill settings and must be configured individually.

4. Autofill for night time in Logbook Pro desktop is not available at this time. Auto night is only available in APDL as of now.
I thought the schedule importer is now the same as APDL? I just purchased the schedule importer, and all it did was save data to my computer, but I already have all flight time on my computer. I want to move it into my Logbook Pro. I don't see any tutorials on this. I thought it went through the cloud, and that I did not need to purchase cloud access in addition to the schedule importer. I don't know what my next step is. Help? Do you offer phone services to walk people through this process? I am not too familiar with computer jargon, and feel lost with how to bring in my jet time to my logbook. Thanks
The Schedule Importer and APDL are two different products

The Online Schedule Importer is know part of and can be to import schedules into APDL, Logbook Pro Mobile, and Logbook Pro for Desktop, depending on products you have purchased.

There is no need to create a new logbook unless you absolutely want to. If you do, you can make a new logbook and then transfer the totals from your last log into manually with several entries. To get the best results I would keep all your flying in 1 logbook. However, if you want the new logbook please print out the analyzer (view..analyzer...all data) from the old log and then make 1 entry for each type of aircraft with the totals into your new logbook. Mass transfer of times are explained in KB 12.

I am sorry we don't offer phone support at this time but we do offer live chat most business days during normal hours. When it is available there is a green chat link on the bottom of most of web pages. You can also email us directly at for individual support on your questions.

To import your past flying into Logbook Pro on your desktop do the following:

Go to APDL.NET and login
Select the Schedule Importer
Select the trip filter to parse your data.Try AUTO first.If that doesn't work then choose a more specific filter.
Specify if your trip data is LOCAL (at each destination), UTC or a CUSTOM time zone.
Paste your trip data into the box below and then click PROCESS TRIPS.
Or you may upload your trip data if it is saved as a file.
Review your trips by clicking the > to the left of each row to expand trips, days, and legs.
Now select FILE..IMPORT SCHEDULE in Logbook Pro on your computer and follow the prompts