Need more than one custom field when importing


Jun 2, 2021
I am importing from an excel spreadsheet and can't get all of my columns to import. I would like to do ASEL, AMEL (single and multi-engine land) but in the import wizard, there isn't a selection for this. I can't create more than 1 custom time field in the import wizard and also need a custom counter field for # of approaches and a text field for type of app. At my wits end trying to get this to work after trying about 20x of different things. Appreciate the help!
Thanks Neal, that worked for the ASEL and AMEL! Now how can I get my 5,000 data points of # of approaches (counter) and type (text)? If the dates match, can I import them into the existing logbook or do I need start a new one and do something different to bring those two columns in?
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Ok, right now my logbook has zero approaches shown. When using the import wizard from my spreadsheet, I put APP as a custom counter field, and the type of app as a custom text field and linked them to the appropriate columns in my spreadsheet. I know that won't make it sortable, but printing something usable is all I concerned with. Now in logbook pro, those columns are blank and I don't know how to get them to populate. Is there a fix to make that work, or a way to bring in all 5,000 lines from my spreadsheet using PF Pro's app tracking into my existing FD Pro logbook?