Was Almost Able to Import Army Flight Time from DA 759 Easily


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Jan 18, 2015
As I transition out of the Army and into the real world, I discovered a need for LBP. My first hurdle was importing all of my military flight time (DA 759) into a program that would work.

LBP was able to almost do this with ease. I made a DA 759 report in .xls format. In Excel I saved the file as a .txt (tab delimited) file.

After I re-arranged all the time by instructor, PIC, etc, I let the import wizard do it's magic. The only problem is now I have multiple flights for the day since the DA 759 breaks down each type of time logged as a separate flight such as Day, night, weather, etc.

Now the total number of flights in LBP is a lot more than actual flights. I am looking for a way to MERGE days together but am not able to find this feature. For example I have 1.2 weather on the 9th of Jan, and another flight of 1.2 day on the 9th of Jan, and .4 simulated weather on the 9th of Jan. This is now 3 flights in LBP but I want to MERGE them together as 1 flight. Is this possible?
It is not possible to merge the data as requested. Please send me your excel file and logbook pro file at the helpdesk for review


Can you obtain your mil flight time in a report where a flight is logged all on 1 row?
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