Logging sick trips.


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Mar 30, 2007
Folks, due to recovery from surgery, I have been out since Dec 21,2016. However, I have been bidding a schedule for Jan,Feb,Mar.

I also had some vacation time during the month of Feb. Is there a way I can mark my sched./calendar to reflect my sick days and or vacation days easily? I recall on the Vacations days, you had to select each day. Is it this way on sick days/leave as well?

Even though I was assigned a paper bid line, on our CWA, it's shown as sick leave. So, there isn't a schedule to d/l on any of these months.

Also, if there is now a global way to accomplish this, can I overwrite the sick days with the vacation days, or do I need to split the days up to cover each. IE for Feb, do I just make the whole month sick leave/days; then select the days I had vacation to overwrite the sick days ?

Any clarification is appreciated.