Just BASIC support for Part 91 Cargo PLEASE!!!


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Dec 29, 2019
As a pilot for UPS Airlines, I would like to renew a longstanding request for some BASIC support for Part 91 calculations in APDL. I understand that full support for Part 91 operations might require a large reprogramming effort that NC Software is apparently not interested in investing in, but I believe some BASIC improved support would be very easy to program.

I have two wish-list requests. First, simply show the scheduled and/or actual time between scheduled flights AND duty periods. Scheduled time between flights (within a duty period) is already calculated, while scheduled time between duty periods in a pairing is already available in the imported data, or it can be easily calculated, yet currently shows as "Rest: NA." I don't care if APDL won't tell me if the break is legal; at least just show me the time between flights.

Second, don't divide duty periods by calendar date--this currently often makes the APDL display make it look like I only have one or two flights in a duty period when in fact I really have more. Part 91 cargo ops typically fly at night, with a single duty period very often spanning two calendar dates. The solution is simple--look at the time between all flights from my first request. If this time is less than 8 hours, then assume the flights are part of the same duty period. If the time is more than 8 hours, then assume the flights are part of different duty periods, and APDL can group flights into separate duty periods accordingly.

I have been an APDL customer since 2005, but without further basic support for Part 91 ops, I'm going to be looking at other alternatives to the very expensive APDL. This support would be FAR more beneficial than the all the latest minor software updates, to a large number of pilots in the only growing segment of the industry.
It’s only possible to use the “Part 91” function of APDL for our schedules. The alternative, “Part 117 rules” will simply not function under traditional Part 121 rest rules.
Agreed to the OP. I also find it annoying that flights that are within (say 4-5 hours) are treated as separate duty days. Another annoying anomaly is that flights that end on the next calendar day do not display as such in the Calendar - the Calendar shows them ending on today rather than tomorrow.
Eric or Neil,

Would it be possible to say if you are interested in working on this request? I believe it would be a pretty simple software tweak, but it would be extremely helpful for us cargo pilots.

If you can tell me this is in the works for the next revision, I'd like to extend my subscription for another year or two (to take advantage of the end-of-year sale). Thanks for the info!
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