lack of communication between ipad and desktop version


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Oct 3, 2021
For some strange reason the flights that I have entered on my Ipad with the logbookpro mobile installed wont, despite being synched, transfer over to my desktop when i synch it.
I have tried to use tech support only to have them send references to youtube videos which did not help at all. This product gives the impression that this process is oh so easy and simple especially in the youtube videos but none of this has worked for me. Anyone else experience this scenario?
is there a way for tech support to remotely move the data from my mobile to my desktop version?
Im starting to get the feeling that over the past few years there's been more to pay for and a lot less actual support.
any suggestions on how to accomplish what should be such a simple operation according to all the references I have come across?

The sync between mobile devices and desktop is very reliable. I am not aware of any issues between the two. The most common solution which resolves this when it comes up is to log out and log back in to your account on both devices, your iPad and desktop in this case.

The sync system goes from mobile device, to cloud, then to desktop in that order. So if you’re watching the desktop as you sync the iPad, it won’t show up immediately, you need to do a sync on the desktop side after the iPad has finished syncing.

You can go to and see all the entries which are currently held in cloud storage. This would be items synced successfully from the app and not yet synced to the desktop. This can help you identify where the issue is. If this area is full of lots of flights, then your iPad is syncing fine but the desktop isn’t getting them. If this area is empty, then the iPad isn’t syncing to the cloud and the problem lies between iPad and cloud.

If the issue is between iPad and cloud, you should (on the iPad) go to Settings > Synchronization and tap “Reset all data to unsynced” and then perform a sync. This will force all entries to be resynced to the cloud (this won’t cause duplicates though).