Switching from Desktop to Ipad


Sep 18, 2006
My Mac is at the the point it will not update any longer. I have been running LP Desktop via VMware. I purchased the Clouldsync membership. I am thinking of ditching the MAC all together since I rarely use it. I am considering purchasing an iPad. Is there anything I should consider before doing this? I assume I will need to purchase the the $49.99 LP for Ipad subscription. Is that it? Will everything sync up the same as it did with LP for Desktop? As far as I can tell I will not need to download or run anything else to make this happen? Any advice would be much appreciated. I am very computer illiterate so simple click on the icon and input my flights the better.
So since everything is synced to your server via the cloud right now can I toss my Mac and be able to access it a couple of years down the road when the Apps are standalone or do I need to save it somewhere else. Currently I have over 10k hours printed and bound in the nice commander binder. I am never changing jobs or flying GA so my only reason for a logbook is to print everything out for nostalgia stake at age 65. At this point if the data is safe in your server I would just wait things out and add data to the iPad when that is a standalone, or better yet send my company printouts to you to print for the logbook. Is that an option?
Unless you use and maintain Cloud Backup your full logbook data is not stored on our servers. You can create a backup by clicking File > Backup to File and save your .BAK file generated wherever you want or you can subscribe to Cloud Backup by clicking here and then click File > Backup to Cloud.
I cannot even open Logbook Pro Desktop any longer because the Mac is so old. Is there a way I can access my cloud subscription to save my backup to a zip drive until you have a standalone iPad platform?
Unless you used Cloud Backup then we do not have your full logbook in the cloud. Mobile apps send up new data which Logbook Pro Desktop imports into its logbook and sends config and report totals back to the apps. You can see if you used Cloud Backup by logging into the Cloud Backup portal here. Otherwise you'll need to resolve the issue to gain access on your computer.
When I switched from Desktop to Ipad at first it was uncomfortable, unusual, but after a while I got used to it
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