Sync previous desktop data to iPad


New member
Jun 4, 2018
I am not sure why, but all data (15 years) prior to Dec 2017 is not syncing from my desktop to my iPad. Is there any way to get all my data on the desktop to sync to my iPad again?

Thank you!

We don't push all data to the mobile devices for Logbook Pro to keep the apps lightweight and fast. They are designed to add new data while away from your PC (main logbook). However, the reports are sent from the PC so they represent your entire logbook. DATA has no purpose once logged and should not be edited, etc. DATA input is used for report generation, analysis, etc. We will revisit this in the next round of updates as devices are much more powerful now then 10 years ago when we designed this concept.

Please refer to NC Software Product Documentation for all the details on functionality and getting the most out of your software.