Aircraft types don't Sync from APDL??


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Jan 13, 2007

I have Logbook pro and APDL for Pocket PC. I am an airline pilot logging my time in the APDL log on my pocket PC for the last 2 years and now I wish to transfer it to my Logbook pro software.

The sync process went well with no technical issues. Your software states that the aircraft type cannot be imported to Logbook pro and it will match up the types to N numbers in the history of past entires. I have a few problems with this.
1. I have no prior N numbers in the history of logbook pro as all my previous time is in pen and ink logpages.
2. Flying literally hundreds of different N numbers and 12 differnt make/model of aircraft I find the lack of type importing to be a major flaw.

How can I import the different types to Logbook pro?
If I can't this is something you guys really need to address.

Thank you for your time,
Thank you for the quick reply, I did read the post and will try it out in a few days.

Why is Logbook pro not able to import aircraft types?
This is a pretty basic entry and important info related to loging time
Is this a feature that will be added in the future?

Hello Alex,

Only N-Numbers are tracked in APDL, and subsequently passed to Logbook Pro. In the former airline days pilot's only flew one A/C Type and this is what APDL is designed around. Today with pilot's flying varying types with like cockpits (Airbus, 757/767, etc.) an airline pilot can end up logging more than one type. The PDA Wizard, like its predecessor "SingleSync" allows you to specify the default A/C Type which is used during synchronization to Logbook Pro. Logbook Pro takes it one step further and actually checks your log history if you've flown the incoming N-Number, of so, pulls the correlating A/C Type.

The above does not apply to our Logbook Pro PDA Companion software, a separate product from APDL, which does allow you to record the A/C Type and sync to the PC as you describe.
OK so if I understand this correctly this is a problem on APDL's side. correct?

When I make an entry into the APDL I input the aircraft type though. I guess APDL just can't export this?

I guess I need to find a better logbook program for my Pocket PC - the lack of syncing some basic info like this is absurd and leads me to take more time getting this all to work than if I had just stayed with pen and ink entries.
I'll have to look at the logbook pro part for pocket PC then and see what the features there are.

Thanks for your time,
Hello Alex,

This is not a problem but the way in which APDL is designed, again, most airline pilot's fly one A/C Type which is handled by the Default A/C Type setting in the PDA Wizard.

Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.
Hey Neal,

This seems like there should be a very easy fix to this problem. Times have changed as to where someone might fly more than one type or may have more than one job that they may like to keep track of on APDL. Do you see adding this in the future?


Do you program in C++? :) It's not as easy as it appears but yes, this is something we have on our feature request list already and we certainly keep our ears open to all suggestions to make life easier for our users. Please keep your suggestions coming.
Neal -

Quick question...

Lets say I work for AIRLINE "A" and fly a type X
Lets say I go to Airline "B" and Fly a type Y

Will APDL and Logbook Pro keep the two seperate or will I need to start a new file in Logbook Pro to support changes in pay, etc.
What about if my pay scale changes or other constraints change?

Just trying to futureproof myself.

Also regarding ActiveSync... I run VISTA and am in the process of getting a PPC but I have read about the issues with the new activesync... sadly that is the only version that works reliably with VISTA I have been told.

Do you have a timeframe for that update to come online?

Pay data doesn't sync to Logbook Pro so that will remain with your settings on APDL itself.

Vista doesn't use ActiveSync as it has its own PPC sync built in, well, it will. It's not complete yet, hopefully we'll see it completed soon as Vista releases publicly the end of this month. See this post for more information.
So there is no way to pull the pay data out of APDL onto my desktop for tracking purposes? I was hoping to be able to see averages, look for trends etc....
Correction to what I said previously. Logbook Pro's PDA Wizard still generates the legacy reports SingleSync used to produce, they are viewable from the Reports menu. You also have the web utilities available on the APDL Portal. Feel free to experiment with both as desired.