Answered PIC Error Message


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Sep 8, 2022
Using this program to help convert my military time to civilian time for airline apps.

Flew P-3C. 3 pilot aircraft, 2 seats.

Example of issue is as follows.

Total flight duration 5.0
If I enter this into the duration column it will credit me with 5.0 flight hours however I was only in the seat for 3.3. So this is not accurate. I could change all my P-3 flight durations to the total time airborne but this would inflate my total hours and not account for time out of the seat. As far as I know log book pro doesn’t have a special crew time (time out of seat) tracking ability.

If I log the accurate amount of 3.3 for duration I cannot log 5.0 PIC due to it being over the event duration.

Tried creating a custom time column but ran into the same issue.

Any logical solutions to help accurately report these types of flights?