Resolved Error message when recording OOOI times


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Oct 20, 2003
I typically log my out time once at cruise then fill in the in time once I’m parked at the gate. I’ve been getting this error message stating my times don’t match or the calculations are wrong. I’ve tried deleting both times and reentering them, but I get the same message. It doesn’t give me the error message for every flight, which is the puzzling part. Any ideas?
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There is an input that is exceeding your Duration value. It may be hidden, go to the Settings > Flight Log area and then the Flight Log Layout and turn all your fields on and see if something is great than duration. If you make any changes to OOOI values then tap the button right of duration to recalc the duration.
Thanks, it was a hidden field (SIC) that I can’t seem to get he program to quit logging automatically. I’ve changed the auto fill to PIC only, but the SIC still shows up when I sync it to my laptop and now I’ve found out, sometimes on the IOS version.