Airport, aircraft and tail no databases


Dec 20, 2005
Hono, Sweden

I don't know if these features have been mentioned before, but I think logbook pro would be even better with four "databases".

1. A database with information of all airports which will be seen in a drop down box when the airport identifier is entered when entering flights or flight numbers (se below).

2. An an aircraft database with all information about the aircraft type entered which will be seen in a drop down box when the aircraft type is entered when entering flights or tail numbers (se below).

3. A tail no database where all tail numbers of the aircraft flown can be entered and also the aircraft type selected. So when you enter a flight record and select tail no, the aircraft type is entered to the record automatically.

4. A flight no database for those of us flying for airlines, where the flight numbers can be enetred together with dep/arr airports. So you just enter the flight no in the flight record and the dep/arr airport is entered automatically.

Hope you could follow this description...

Best regards!

I would also like to see this. I have just transferred my data from another logbook program which had this feature. So, now I have to reenter all my aircraft data manually in Logbook Pro. ...Only about 110 different aircraft types :rolleyes:
It would also be nice if you could add a field to the aircraft database to allow the entry of a serial number. Over the years I have flown the same aircraft with three different tail numbers for different owners.