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Bulk Changes in logbook to Tail Number or Airport Codes


Mar 8, 2010
How can I do bulk updates to Tail numbers. I can't find a Find and Replace function. The tail numbers don't see to have their own table to correct them there and same for the city codes for airports. I've gone through variations in my recording over the years and I'd like to standardize my records.

It would be an amazing upgrade to link tail number with types. This would save entry time when you fly different types. It also seems that the data set could be improved with separate table for Tails, Airports and the like. This could enhance lookup and allow for better database design by not repeating data time and time again. Additionally I'd like to see the Route be a secondary item and have a primary Departure and Arrival city. This would make logging less awkward when you don't fly round robin flights.
Hello @c172drv,

I'm sorry but there isn't a way to mass change tail numbers. We will certainly improve based on your other suggestions. The route is as it is to allow you to log multiple legs in one row for example a cross country for the day, an airline pilot logging their day, etc. Then enter the number of Legs to represent the flights for the day.
I think that a bulk find and replace function would be a major improvement. There are many of my logged airports that have had code changes. I hope that you can add that into this as a function.

I do understand your concept of a route and what it is used for. I also think many would appreciate it if we had the option of origin and destination. I'm an airline pilot and I've logged that way my entire career and those I know that maintain a log do it the same. I'm still operating in 121 rules and I don't use an iOS device so I can't use your APDL app. Leg by leg is a major help for me with regulatory restrictions and contract requirements.
You can enter DEPT-DEST in the Route field, it's more free form vs. two separate fields. For example to log a flight just enter LAX-JFK or LAX-JFK-DFW-SEA and enter LEGS of 3. We've been doing it this way over 20 years, less lines means less to print and a more concise logbook.