Maximum N numbers?


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Mar 17, 2007
Is there a maximum number of N numbers that LBP will allow for a type of aircraft?

I am importing all the aircraft I have flown for the airline I fly for and everything works great but it leaves out about a dozen or so tail numbers.

I have split them into two imports and each works and shows up alone but when I put in both it drops the smallest numbers.

Are the numbers still there, just not accessible? I am planning to sync with my PDA for the first time and I'd rather not have to go back and re-do eveything.

Any help would be great.

So all the other ones are still there? When I sync with my PDA they should show up as the correct aircraft type not the default? Just making sure. Thanks in advance. Also is there a way to look at all the N numbers besides the drop downs in the logbook?

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See the n-numbers


To see all of the N-numbers you have, simply use the analyzer and choose "All Data" from the selection.

LBP will break the aircraft into the different types and then, if you expand the types, it breaks down the N-numbers as well.

I hope this helps!