Multiple Lines in Analyzer for Same Tail Number


Mar 10, 2007
Louisville, KY SDF
Hi, I've searched the forums but cannot find a solution so far. In the analyzer there are several places where it has broken the same tail number up into several different lines under an aircraft type. Did this happen because I entered the aircraft tail number instead of selecting it from the drop down menu (There are now several tail numbers that appear multiple times in the pull down menus)? Do I need to do some sort of export/reformat/import to restore each tail number to one line and if so, will this also reset the pull down menus to only one for each tail number? If not, what are your suggestions? Thanks in advance.
For other who are experiencing this problem here is the solution.

We recommend once a tail number is entered for the first time use the drop down list for each subsequent entry.

If you choose to manually enter tail numbers be careful. N12345 is different from N12345"space bar". LBP will see these as two different aircraft.