Analyzer Fields...


Nov 19, 2001
In the analyzer there is a column titled "Adjusted Hours". It has a total that is 1.3 hours less than my Total Hours Column. What is this column and where should I be looking for this 1.3 variance?


Please refer to this topic in the documentation for more information on the adjusted totals functionality.

Alright, Except I have no correction values entered into the analyzer? So the total for this field should equal my total hours column, right?

I figured out how to make the column go away, but I am more interested in the reason for the discrepency. The main reason for my concern is that I have imported my data from my logbook in Excel and the totals in a couple of the fields in LBPro and Excel are not matching. The data is exactly the same as I have imported one to the other. Now, I have found this error in the analyzer it is making me question the intregrity of the summary and analysis data provided by logbook pro, which is the reason I purchased the software to begin with.

I am reconciling all the data by hand to make sure all the entries match in order to resolve the issues regarding unmatching totals. But now that I cannot figure out the discrepency in the analyzer it is making me curious that it may not be my data that is incorrect.

If you find any discrepancies, e-mail a backup of your data file to for review. 99.99% of the discrepancies are DATE related issues. Check to ensure your dates are valid and you don't have a '002' instead of '2002' etc. I'll gladly also try to determine what you're seeing in the adjusted totals area, please be very clear in what to look for. You can rest assured Logbook Pro's data has been proven extremely accurate. Most of the issues are some type of data entry error, like I said, with an erroneous date that falls outside the valid report windows.

I am sure you are correct and it is a data entry issue. I'll go through all the entries myself first and try to resolve it that way. If my efforts prove fruitless I'll take you up on your offer and email you a bak copy. Thank you.