Android 2.1 users, need some info

Neal Culiner

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Nov 14, 2001
Is there a reason you're not updated or updating to 2.2 (or later)? I'd like to set a min version of the Logbook Pro app to 2.2 and I'm trying to evaluate the impact of doing so. I see that a few of you are using 2.1 (1.5/1.6 is definitely out) and I'm curious if you have the update available or coming this year? If not, are you considering a newer device or are you set with the one you have? The impact seems minimal if I set a 2.2 minimum, however, a few of you have stated version 2.1 so I need to hear why you're not at 2.2, etc.

Thank you.
The phones listed in the stickied thread are not supported beyond 2.1 by their manufacturers. The only way to get them past 2.1 is to root the phone and install a custom ROM.
Thanks for the info. I'm curious of those that are using versions prior to 2.2 such as the 2.1 users, how many are soon considering upgrading their devices to new hardware with 2.3 on the horizon? I'm still trying to determine the viability of supported 2.1 but there is something we need for cloud sync that seems to only be supported in 2.2 and beyond. It's still preliminary but I'm trying to assess the impact of a 2.2 min version.