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Anyway to search entire logbook for certain airports?


Feb 20, 2010

I recently got the route browser and as a result noticed that I had inputted some of airports incorrectly (sometimes omitted a letter or typed the wrong one).

Is there any way to search my entire logbook for these erroneous entries (ie. serach for entry ISH when I meant IAH?).

What you could try is clicking the column header which forces a sort on that column allowing you to find items easier. As the route column is a text column, refer to this KB article on search tips.

Thanks for the help and the link about the find function. I was able to track down a half dozen errors in my logbook. I also found the route browser helpful for this task by assigning each erroneous airport code entry to a real airport that I knew I hadn't flown to, then clicking on the route line. This gave me a date for the flight, which i could then go back into the logbook and correct.