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Mar 30, 2007
Hey folks. Great news on APDL, look forward to release. Thanks to all the testers and devs,that worked hard to give usbthis great tool.

To get abgood handle on ops and features of APDL, will you have a manual available before release?

Thank You

We are currently writing documentation (user manual) for APDL. It will be available for release.

I do not foresee it being released prior to app release.
Hey DavidB,
Great question. I'm sure there are a lot of new and/or different features compared to the Palm we have been using forever I'm already getting a bit nostalgic for it and it's still in my pocket where it's lived for 13 years). It might be nice to get a jump on learning the ins and outs before actually getting the new software. Not to mention getting used to an Apple product.
I would also like to express my thanks to the developers and beta testers that made sure it was solid and the best available.
Since I'm going to have to buy an Apple iPod Touch (no need for an iPhone and an iPad won't fit in my pocket), is there a minimum model? I saw that it requires iOS 7 point something but being a newbie to Apple I don't know how that translates to model.

Edit: Apparently Andy posted the reply while I was composing mine.
Minimum operating system is iOS 7.1
Anything you buy new is most likely going to have iOS 8 preinstalled. I'm not sure right off what minimum device versions are for iOS 7.1 but you should easily be able to find out before you buy a device.
I researched the minimum Apple mobile device long ago when APDL was announced. The result: iOS 7.1 is on an iPhone as low as the 4S. Your performance will not be pretty though. You don't need an iPod Touch as an old 4S can serve the same use.
Thanks for the info on models and OS.
I'd rather buy something new from Apple, or at least refurbished by Apple, rather than something used. You never know what you're going to get buying used.
You sure could write it off. We are in a new day and age, a logbook no longer has to be a physical piece of paper. A digital advice running a virtual logbook is certainly a work expense.
There is no question about deducting it as a work expense. Any computer expense to me is for work, from a new laptop to an upgraded hard drive. Certainly something that lives in my uniform shirt pocket is only for work. That's why I'm going to buy it before the year's out, so it can go on 2014 expenses.
Speaking of that, Neil, will the new APDL require some type of subscription to sync to my computer? Currently, I just plug my Palm into the computer and hit the HotSync button and it's done.
What are/will be the requirements for syncing? That is a separate question from Schedule Importer and it's functionality. Or will Schedule Importer somehow do both? I'm not currently subscribed to the importer because I can manually import my entire trip in about 10 minutes on the Palm so haven't needed it.
So many questions. Will the new APDL still store backup files on my computer the way the current, old APDL does and would LBP still pull from those files? Will the new version, with the new device, be able to download or sync from those backup files in order to get all the old data imported?
I know we're all excited and have many questions and the manual will answer them but for expense reasons I'd like to have that info before year's end, if possible. Thanks.

These answers will have to wait for release time, sorry. It will be clear at that time. Right now we just wanted to let everyone know we are ready for release and we do have a date internally but there are other factors we have to wait on before we can do the official release.
We are currently writing documentation (user manual) for APDL. It will be available for release.

I do not foresee it being released prior to app release.

Thanks Andy. Just wanted to get ahead of the game if possible.

Niel Andy etal. I see APDL is released. Will be purchasing shortly.

I was trying to read some. Of the documentation, when I tried to zoom in on the page, it would shift to the right and I couldn't move it back to read.

Do you have plans to release the docs in easier to read PDF format. Thank You Look forward to using this product.

Yes. This happens on mobile devices only. If viewing from a PC it will work properly. PDF will be coming later.

Thanks Andy. look forward to the PDF version, easier to zoom in and read on Ipad. Hopefully soon.

David, you will probably find that you won't need a users manual when you use the app. It is fairly intuitive and easy to use. Neal and his team have put a lot of though behind making APDL easy to use.

APDL beta tester
Thanks Kyle. As soon as I get my sched import issue worked out, I know I'll be happy with APDL

David, I'm gonna go out on a limb and suspect you are using the logbook pro importer. Try using either the in app importer or go to http://apdl.net and try the importer there.
Andy sent me a message saying that they know about the issue and are working on it. It is to do with the way his company lists their flight time zones.