APDL can now be used on the iPhone!


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Sep 26, 2010
This is a solution for anyone like me who has an iPhone and has been desperate to ditch that old Palm handheld. This will allow you to use APDL just like you did before with full schedule importing and Logbook Pro entries.


Jailbreaking your phone is very easy and thanks to a court ruling against Apple, it is also perfectly legal. All jailbreaking means is that one now has the ability to install non App Store programs on the iPhone. All you need to do is go to jailbreakme.com in Safari and run the program.

The way to run APDL on the iPhone is to install a Palm emulator. The only one I know of is Styletap.com. It runs seamlessly and actually benchmarks around 3 times faster than any palm device on the market. It comes with a 14 day free trail period and then costs $50 for the full license. Detailed instructions for installing Styletap can be found on their website.

Of course there is no HotSync so in order to transfer files to and from your computer you need to run the Web Tools program on the emulator. There are also detailed instructions on the Styletap website on how to do this as well. Any .prc files are accepted including all APDL files.

Installation and schedule importing are done basically the same way as always, but sending data back after competed trips is a little more involved without HotSync. Here's how to do it:

1. Get the Web Tools sync running and from your computer click on the "Copy Database from Device" tab.
2. Look for the file "AirlineLog-201009" (or whichever year/month you want to transfer. For example: February 2009 would appear as AirlineLog-200902http:// Click to save the file to your computer.
3. Go to wherever your APDL backup is. I.E C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Palm OS Desktop\*your name*\Backup
4. Add or replace the AirlineLog file you just downloaded into that folder.
5. Run the PDA Wizard in Logbook Pro and with any luck your new entries will appear.

It's a little more cumbersome but definitely worth it in my opinion.
Hey I know this is an old post, but I was wondering if you could help me out with the PDA wizard in logbook pro and using StyleTap. I use the Styletap web tools, and under the copy database from device I was able to select the file Airlinelog-201210, but I didn't have the palm OS desktop folder. I created it manually, and then entered my name and created a backup folder, but when I copy the airlinelog-201210 to that folder and try to run the sync in logbook pro I get an error saying "An error was encountered retrieving palm device preferences. Please check the username, perform a Hot Sync, and try again." Since I don't have any way to perform a HotSync with style tap, is there any other way to get around that?
When I made that post I was using HotSync on Windows XP. If you are using a different OS, it's possible the exact folder directory could've changed as well. If HotSync worked on your computer prior to switching to StyleTap, then the correct directory exists somewhere. You need to find the exact location on your hard drive where HotSync was downloading data from the palm to your computer's HD. You'll know when you find it because you'll see all the previous "airlinelog-******" files from all your past months. Manually creating that directory won't work because both HotSync and Logbook Pro are using actual directory where those files are being transferred.

If you are using Windows 7, I would try to access your C:\ drive (or whichever LBP and APLD are installed on), then clicking "Users" and seeing if multiple users are shown there. There are will be an associated "Documents" folder for each user. If you haven't done any successful syncs using your old palm device and HotSync, it's possible that the directory doesn't exist yet. Try doing a sync with your palm to create the directory.

Ultimately, the bottom line is that you have to replace/add the "airlinelog-******" file in the folder that HotSync was using prior to you switching to StyleTap.

Hope this helps.
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