Bug Report APDL Freq. Crashes - Entrie Trip Data Lost - Odd Behavior w/ Personal Hot Spot

Scott Michael

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Sep 3, 2013

Thought I'd pass along some of my findings so far with APDL. I use my personal hot spot (AT&T/iPhone 5s) a lot while at work. I've noticed APDL does not like when I run the application while tethering data to my iPad from my iPhone 5s. I've experienced multiple APDL iOS crashes on my iPhone while connected to the phones hotspot. Usually I can relaunch the application and all data will remain intact. Sometimes closing the application and relaunching works. Then there are times where the application just flat out exhibits odd behavior. I'll see if I can't document more of the odd behavior but the data/trip loss is very frustrating.


- When a day of flying is complete and another day remains, the status bar will tell me I have no future assignments.
- An entire trips data will be lost (drop out) causing me to re-import then auto-fill all the previous flights... (really annoying)

I don't think the application likes iOS's blue drop down "connection status window" that overlays on top of the screen. APDL for iOS is far more stable when run on a device that is not running as a personal hotspot too.


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Had the same prob this morning. Hit AUTOFILL, the app crashed, and the entire trip, which has been on the app for a month, disappeared.
I tried relaunching, rebooting, etc. Nothing worked. I had to reimport the trip from Apdl.net
We had a minor issue yesterday 16 AUG 2132Z that affected a small number of users during a coding session on APDL's database. We can reset your account back to the 16 AUG 1700Z backup which will resolve the issue. If you want this done for you simply submit a Problem Report from the Contact Us area of the app and request to reset - it takes just a few seconds to do. We apologize for any inconvenience.
I tried relaunching, rebooting, etc. Nothing worked. I had to reimport the trip from Apdl.net

That is an alternative quick fix as the issue affected just the latest/current trip for a few users. Most have already done as you did to resolve this and AutoFill will fill in the data for you as well.