Auto fill-in times


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Mar 23, 2007
At FL450 above West Palm Beach
Here is the sequence of a typical flight that I might do. I close the cabin door and release the brake (Out time recorded). I taxi to the runway and takeoff (Off time recorded) I fly the trip and land. (On time recorded) Then I taxi to the gate, set the parking brake and the cabin door is opened (In time recorded) The particular aircraft that I fly have the ability to generate a printed report at the end of a flight (refered to as an ooowee, don't ask) The report shows the date, flight number, from / to, times out, off, on, and in. When I enter the time into Logbook Pro (LBP), I enter the out and in times; then the off and on times in individual columns. LBP calculates and enters the total time using the first entry of out and in automatically (this is my block time) However, I would like to have the off and on time entered in the cross country column automatically (since I am an ATP and taking off from one airport and landing at another).

Is there a way for LBP to do this? (It looks like an either/or selection right now) If not, can we make this an option in the future?

I'm familiar with "OOOI" (Out, Off, On, In - aka your "ooooweee") times! :) However, there is no way to calculate off/on and have it entered into the XC column. I cannot think of a way to make this happen, even in a future version. Feel free to post any suggestions in the Wish List forum to document your wishes. We will try to accommodate everything we can when feasable.