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Auto Update


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Jan 7, 2004
How do I turn off the auto update feature? I have turned it of in the configuration settings
but its still pops upand I dont want that. I will check for updates myself. Is there something
I need to turn off in msconfig? if so what is the name of what I have to turn off.

This is a function outside that of Logbook Pro. Click Start...All Programs...Program Updates and you should be able to configure the settings there.

Thankd for the reply but 1. I dont have a all Programs/Program Updates in my start folder. 2. The only popup update thing I get is the one for LBP. All other programs including windows up dates do not happen.

Thanks for the reply.
Damn your fast!

That what I alredy have turned off. Should I remove the programs from the update list. Right now I just have it set not to check for updates.
You may be seeing what's called a 'Message' versus an Update. I deleted the outdated Logbook Pro message that was in the system. But all you have to do is, when you see a message (not update) is click Hide and that will mark it as read. I've provided quite a bit of feedback to InstallShield on this very topic. I only expect to use this system until Logbook Pro version 2 releases next year, most likely.

Ah ok thats what it is then, Thanks for the info. I do not like stuff like this where you dont have control over what it does.