Autofill Night Landings OTS


Oct 19, 2006
I am using APDL for palm with LBP. On Palm device Preferences set to credit night landing when FO-PF-NIT is selected. With Night time field populated and FO-PF-NIT selected it will not fill the night landing colum in LBP when SYNC is complete. Am I missing something here. This appears to be a new problem. In other words, up until two months ago the night landings colum seemed to populate following a sync. However, the currency alert popped up today saying i was nearing my limit on night landings spurring an investigation. This is how I determined the fault.

From APDL, tap (menu)(options)(preferences) and (position categories). Select CA-PF-NIT. Check "Credit a Landing". All four check boxes should be checked.

I suggest reviewing the preferences area and position categories for both credit a landing and night landing options.
I just reviewed all position categories in APDL and ensured all the correct boxes were checked. In particular, the position FO-PF-NIT has all four boxes checked. I created a fictitious night flight entry as FO-PF-NIT, saved, performed sync and still no night landing population in LBP. You mentioned something about reviewing preferences for landings and night landings under position categories...Is'nt this the same check I just performed or is there a function in LBP that may be causing the problem.
Still no luck...

I have tried all the previous suggestions to no avail. I also tried several combinations of what you suggested thinking it may help but still no luck. Even went into LBP "options >autofill>select A/C" and changed the primary aircraft to autofill a night landing when a duration is entered. Still, when I perform a sync it does not populate the night landing columb corresponding to that particular leg entered in the PDA as FO-PF-NIT. You may be interested to know that if I enter a leg in APDL as FO-PF-DAY it will sync and populate the day landing columb as normal. The problem that remains is in regard to night landings. Could I be missing the big picture somewhere? or is this really as strange as it sounds?
Please submit a support ticket and attach your most recent logbook backup and attach your APDL files.

Please zip all the files in the following directory on your computer (C:\Program Files\palmOne\[your palm username]\Backup). If you don't already have winzip it can be downloaded from for free.