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Sync inconsistent in logging landings

yankee clipper

Well-known member
Jul 1, 2006
Hi y'all,
am syncing my APDL to my LBP PC. I am syncing leg-by-leg, doing a month at a time. Intermittently, it doesn't sync any landings, day or night. Why?

I checked the position categories, and they are properly configured to "Credit a Landing" for day, and "Credit a Night Landing" for night.

Can you help out, need to write resumes.

Yankee Clipper
Hello YC,

I don't have an answer for you as APDL Palm and Pocket PC are no longer supported. We are working on APDL for iOS at this time. My hunch is something isn't saving, you could try resaving the entry in APDL then resyncing it to Logbook Pro via the PDA Sync Wizard and see if it updates after a resave and resync.
When it is not syncing landings, it is doing so for an entire month. On the next month it sync's just fine.

What's happening here?

How do I resave the entries for an entire month?