Number Of Landings


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Jan 25, 2006
Any day on which I have a trip the number of landings is 10. No matter how many legs I do that day it counts 10 landings. I recently figured that landings is based on the position category. So I created a position category "none" where it does not credit any Landings. Is there any way to make the default position be "None" as opposed to the current one of CA-PNF-DAY. Otherwise I have go through each day and change the blank legs to None. Kind of tedious.

Or is there another way to avoid it counting a landing for all ten legs when I am only scheduled to land twice?

It sounds like you have your position categories set up incorrectly. If you are using FO-PNF-XXX or CA-PNF-XXX it should not credit a landing. Please check your setup and make sure the box for credit a landing is not checked.

Creating the category 'none' will most likely lead to problems when you import the APDL flights into Logbook Pro.