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Above Guarantee Payrate


New member
May 9, 2023
Hey all!

I'm having a bear of time trying to get APDL to properly calculate OT credit for me. Our premium pay for OT is 1.5x but when I put that in the leg rig 1.5 credit for 1 block, APDL wildly over calculates the trip credit. It took a 5:41 turn and came up with over 11hrs of credit when I applied the Above Guarantee payroll to the trip. Anybody run into anything similar and have a solution? I've tried creating my own custom payroll category and it does the same thing. I also tried inputting a premium pay rate that matched the block credit instead of using the leg rig. Nothing seems to work. Its like APDL can't do the basic math.
The issue is with the "above guarantee" selector in the payroll settings area. That above guarantee selector isn't working properly right now. If you turn off that selector, the math will work correctly.