Bug Report Non Fly Duty Payroll Error


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Apr 27, 2004
Ok not sure if the payroll stuff is a priority, I find it overall not very useful simply due to the complexity of our work rules between airlines. However, when creating a 5 day "trip" contains all NFD legs, TAFB RIG is being applied and skewing the results. This 5 day block should credit 25:00, not 30:00 (which is 105/3.5).


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And while I'm thinking about it, when my home base is entered, it still applies the report and check out times including the amount prior to a flight. I have to manually go in and modify each duty period. I've complained about this before. We shouldn't have to add a leg in order for it to calculate rest properly. But if you don't, even if it shows you had duty, it considers it rest.

Notice the difference in these 2 non flying DP's. The first I modified.


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