Payroll Applying premium over 82


New member
Sep 2, 2018
Frontier pays all pay credit over 82 hours at 125%. Is there a way to configure this in payroll so that it is reflected on the payroll tab?

I’ve tried using the payroll categories but it’s only a bandaid fix as a leg doesn’t always start or end right at 82 hours. Also it’s possible to pickup a “Premium Add” trip at 150% and you are still credited at 125% of that total if its over 82. So I’m not sure how I would implement that using payroll categories. Thanks!
We have been working on enhancements to add payroll categories to duty periods, trips, and monthly payroll periods. This will allow APDL to support Average Daily Guarantee, Average Duty Guarantee, as well as F9's Minimum Credit Override (MCO).

For planning, these improvements will not be in our next release, but should be available toward the end of the year.