I’ve been locked out of my account

Stupid pilot

New member
Jan 18, 2024
I’ve tried To log into APDL.net account using the same email and password that I’ve used since I’ve owned logbookpro and APDL. - over 10 years.

when I tried to log into APDL.net to export my flights, it appears my account no l9nger works, my app doesn’t work and when I request a password reset, I never get the email to reset my password.

i had to create a new account to get access to the forums,

I was unable to create a help ticket using my old account email, it says account already exists, Resetting that old account email, again results in no email to reset the password. ive checked the spam folder, there is no email to reset the password in spam either.

so now I’ve lost10 years of flight data that I can’t recover….

how can I get access to my old APDL account…. ? To recover the flight data. That’s all I care about.
We received your help desk ticket and will work with you there. You've lost nothing, we just need to get your account access setup again as you are not receiving our emails. For that you should ask your ISP why you're not getting them and if blocked, remove any blocks.