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backup problem


Nov 19, 2002
When I try to backup to my cd I get the following message. 'This zip file is part of a multidisk zip file. Please insert the last disk of the set.' I have no 'set' of disk's.

I am trying to back up using the following path - files, archive, backup, then browsing to get to the cd.

I am using windows xp, and Logbook Pro 1.7.50.

I copied the archived file on my hard drive to the cd, but when I tried the backup from Logbook Pro to the cd it said that the administrator would not allow it.

I would like to have a source of backup other than my hard drive.

Any help in backing up to my cd drive, ?
This is still an open issue with Logbook Pro and the only answer is to create a backup to your hard drive, then use another method to take the .BAK and place on your CD-R(W).

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.