• Apple released it's annual update - iOS 17 for both iPhones and iPads. After preliminary testing we see no issues with both Logbook Pro and APDL on iOS 17. We will continue our thorough testing with the public release and follow up should we find any issues.

    We are giving a green light on iOS 17 for all of our iOS apps.



New member
Jan 19, 2003
I'm trying to backup my logbook on CD. When I try this I get a message saying the following:

This zipfile is part of a multidisk zipfile. Please insert the last disk of the set.

I'm not sure what disk I'm supposed to insert for this. When I hit OK after this, I get a message telling me to restart Logbook Pro and try again.

I don't get these messages when I back up to a floppy.

Any suggestions?

Also, do you have any idea of approximately how many logbook entries can fit on a single floppy. I'm up to about 1800 entries and I'm only halfway done.