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Best report to use? Please help


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APDL Beta Team
Dec 9, 2003
Chicago, IL
Want to fax a summary / detailed summary of all my flight hours for my new CFI job.
What report should I use to do this and how is it done? Thanks

This really depends on what information you want to send. I'd suggest looking at the Percentages Summary Report, maybe printing out the Analyzer output, you could also, if they have e-mail, export your Jeppesen Split Style Report (Combined tab) to PDF and let them see your logbook via PDF.

So I really can't answer this. Your best bet is to preview the reports and see what you want to show them. But for an overview of flight time and percentages which some want to see, such as the percentage of your Instrument time to total time, the percentages report is for that very purpose.

Good luck!