Blackberry Compatibility


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Nov 11, 2007
Is this software compatible with the new Blackberry Pearl? And if it is not, will it be in the near future?
Blackberry is a standard

Thanks for the post, Neil...I am a mac user, but do understand that the Iphone isn't in the cards for you right now.

Blackberry, however, even though it may not be in your eyes a viable option, is VERY widely used with corporate, fractional, and other charter type organizations. I don't think it's going away anytime soon, and would serve your customers well. One suggestion: Poll your customers, see what the response is, and then you can offer seperate purchase options for PDA support. If Blackberry users want Blackberry support, then they'll pay for it (I know I would upgrade) and there you can generate revenue for the cause.

Please don't give up on Blackberry. Too many organizations are standardized on it.

I just interviewed at NetJets, and all of their pilots have them. That's 2,700 Blackberries. I believe that a number of other fracs have them, with thousands of users.

My airline IS small, but we are getting them, also. When I leave, I will get my own Blackberry, and I'd like to be able to install LogBookPro on it.

I hope you can come up with an app sooner rather than later.


So whats the latest with this issue. Supported yet. I will buy both the phone and the add-on software if it is. Looking at the BlackBerry 8830A World edition.