Hi wondering if there are any updates on Blackberry support? Is it still a plan down the road or a no go?
Great...hollow promises of doing BB and that's why I purchased the software and now nothing.

Thanks a lot...won't be recommending this stuff to anyone now, completely useless to multitude of people that I work with and use BB and not dinky toys.

Anyone want to buy a complete waste of software that isn't BB compatible? Going cheap!
Hello Nick,

We never stated we would be supporting BlackBerry and at this time do not have plans to support it as BlackBerry is becoming weaker in the smartphone industry. Our development priority is for Apple's iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, and potentially Windows Phone 7/8 as it gains market share.

Thank you for your understanding.
Nevermind that my decison was based on the FACT that you stated on your website that BB was to be added, after was said it would not be added immediately, but that it would be coming.

I owned a BB then and was the main reason I went ahead and purchased LP.

BB is used by business professionals, I know of a number of aviation companies and their pilots use EXCLUSIVELY BB, I wonder what is the percentage of pilots that use BB amongst an apparent declining smartphone?

But I suppose this is aviation, just like Airline Mgt you deny that this was ever even stated. Very disappointed and I'm sure since you review "reviews" of your product, and not 1 review is under 4 stars that my review will never be listed. I wonder why and how many more people are not 100% happy? We'll never know though!

Should have read between the lines when I had a chance.
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