Block Time Conversion Table


New member
Dec 10, 2001
What is the methodology behind Logbook Pro's time conversion table? The company I fly for uses a table to convert minutes to tenths as follows:

06-11 = 0.1
12-17 = 0.2
18-23 = 0.3
24-29 = 0.4
30-35 = 0.5
36-41 = 0.6
42-47 = 0.7
48-53 = 0.8
54-58 = 0.9
59-64 = 1.0

I had begun entering my OUT, OFF, ON, and IN times and noticed the my TOTAL DURATION figures were off by 0.1 on a few legs. That's when I noticed the difference between the program's time conversion table and my company's. Which way is correct? I guess it's how you look at it? My company is rounding up in order to save time which = $$? Before I transfer all my flights from my paper logbook to the software I'd like to figure out which way is best so I'm consistent. How did the software people come up with the table? Is it a happy medium between all of the ways to calculate minutes to tenths? I'd like to use Logbook Pro's table but this is going to add some block time to my totals (good for a pilot but I don't want to seem like I'm trying to pad the hours.) Hope this made sense! Thanks for any help or advice.