Resolved CrossCheck takes a very long time


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Jun 8, 2008
Hey guys,
It seems like APDL's CrossCheck takes a long time to run, much longer than it did previously. On starting up the app, it took 5:10. On the next CrossCheck it took 2:40. Has anyone else noticed that. When it is doing the check, every other function of the app slows to crawl. I'm now using iOS 9.0.2 on my iPod Touch and I have no other apps installed or running. All I use it for is APDL. I did the legacy importer around the same time as I did the iOS update so don't know which one - if either - might be causing the delay. If it is, in fact, checking all of my data (it now goes back to 2002) every time it does a CrossCheck, that could explain it. How far back is it programmed to check? Does it check the entire set of flight data? Is there a way to tell it just to cross check the data relevant to Part 117 (the last 365 days)?
Does anyone else import data that goes back that far and, if so, are they having lag issues like that?
Thanks, Neal.
So is that what it's doing? Going back through every bit of data each time? If so no wonder there's a lag.
Do we have an update on when the new version will be released? The delays in the crosscheck are crazy long (2-5 minutes) and cause terrible lags in the usage of apdl as far as time entries, etc. Also, I think it is what is causing my weather to not work. I just a message at the bottom that says refresh required. I can't load the weather overlay or get any gate information to come up. Any update on a time would be great. Thanks.
I tried to reply to your other message through the forum but it wouldn't let me. The email said not to reply directly that way. The short answer is yes but tell me a different way to reply, please.