Changinf field names?


Nov 12, 2003
Hi, just getting ready to transfer 5000 hours from paper to the computer and I had a few questions...

Can you change the field names, or shorten them? I'm trying to get all the fields on one screen. Like, change simulator time to sim time? Things like that.

Are saving and backing up the same thing? I'm not really sure how this all works, after an entry is made, is it automatically saved?

Also, when making entries can you just tab over for the time. So, you don't have to enter 4.6 for MEL, turbojet, cross country, etc? Or, do you have to type in 4.6 for every field?

Thanks for all the help.....

Also, why is there a windows based option and a spreadsheet option. Should I be using one or the other, or is it just preference?
You can rename column headers in the Options...Flight Log area by clicking 'Config Display' OR right-click in the logbook entry area to get to the same configuration screen.

Save As.. is a 'renaming' routine and should be avoided unless you are doing this intentionally. You should be backing up using the File..Archive..Backup routine.

If you click in the fields it will auto-enter the Duration value, but also take a look at Options...Autofill (and read up on this in the documentation by clicking Help...Contents)

Personal preference, two entry options: Windows Style allows you to see all 'fields' in one screen, Spreadsheet Style allows you to view a 'screen full' of flights at a time.


Great, thanks. I made a bunch of changes. One last thing, can I move the columns around? Change the order of the columns from left to right to make it similar to my actual logbook?

Yes, in the spreadsheet style log you can click and drag the column headings to rearrange them. The Logbook Pro Standard and Grouped reports will reflect this order for printing and you can also print directly from the spreadsheet log area (i.e. the spreadsheet log print function) but the Jeppesen and MGOent. report column order will not change.