Cheeky question?


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Dec 11, 2002

First can I start by wishing Neil all the best whilst engaged in his current duties - if you get a chance to look in I´m sure I speak for quite a few others when I say our thoughts are with you.

I have been holding off buying the full version of Logbook Pro because of waiting for version two. Understandably that is likely to be delayed somewhat for the moment. Is there anything to stop me downloading the trial version, filling it up with 50 entries, archiving it off and deleting them and continuing like this until the new version is out. I could then just import each of the archived blocks into my new shiny V2 program? I know this sounds rather cheeky but I dont want to get stung by buying say 1.9.4 and then having to upgrade to V2 fairly soon after. I am fairly close to finishing my ATPL groundschool and will begin flying quite soon so theres no immediate rush anyway - it will probably take me a while to rack up the 50 flights!

Anyway, just a thought, I hoped someone might be able to advise me if this is possible!

Thanks for the kind words...I'm back in full swing again.

As for version 2, I'm not sure where the rumor is getting out that it's coming out's not! It may be 2004 before version 2 comes out. We are not rushing it, we are ensuring it's the best product for YOU, the customer. When it meets the requirements and quality testing, we will then release. We will try to give at least 90 days notification of the release and upgrade pricing details when that time comes. In the mean time, version 1.x is a solid and by no means obsolete product, it's extremely powerful. I recommend getting your logbook data into the version 1.x now and it will be a snap to move to version 2 and you can spend your time flying, not logging. /forums/emoticons/smile.gif

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.