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Clear current map and points?


Aug 23, 2007
Something that I enjoyed doing in Version 1 was overlapping several maps...

For example, all of my flights out of one of our hubs one color, out of another a different color, and so on...or different aircraft, etc...

When I try to do that in Version 2 (and the update to it) I get the question Clear current map and points? In the old version, if you clicked no, it would simply draw on top of the old map. In the new version, it cancels the new filtering.

Am I missing something or does the new one simply not do this?

The newest version doesn't do this, but I will fix this issue in the next minor version release of the product.
Any idea on when we may see that fix? I miss the ability to do the same thing with different aircraft types... Thanks.
You can print from within Route Browser, but I'm not sure the resolution would be all the great. A better choice would be trying to print from Google Earth.