Cloud sync is only a one-way sync?


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APDL Beta Team
Sep 16, 2008
Well, I now own an Android phone and I'm responsible for a company iPad Air. I now find myself wanting to use both devices interchangeably. It is this that I have found a limitation in Cloud Sync.

Cloud Sync should function in the same manner as iCloud or Dropbox. e.g. You make a change on once device and it is immediately available on the other device (maybe a manual sync intervention would be necessary), but once a change is made you can seamlessly switch to another device to continue what you are doing. Why is Cloud Sync only a one-way functionality?

Where this is going to come into play is with APDL and those of us using the LBP app. Data could become duplicated or cause LBP desktop client database corruption?
Cloud Sync is not one way sync except for DATA entered on the device. APDL is designed for data anywhere, i.e. full sync and we will be moving Logbook Pro in the same direction. We will have APDL and Logbook Pro sync when APDL releases. We designed Logbook Pro's sync as is to keep it simple, fast, and reliable. Other products using iCloud sync right now are experiencing major issues with corruption, duplication, and lost data. We chose NOT to use iCloud sync and developed our own which is lightning fast and reliable. Once DATA is entered into a logbook the DATA actually serves no purpose from that point forward. It's the reports and stats that are important. Once you enter the item into the record books it should not be touched, assuming you entered it correctly. You can edit data on the device and it will update the PC without duplication. Therefore the reports generated by Logbook Pro Desktop and maintained in the cloud for you to have available on all devices do reflect your data at all times in full.

Again, we initially design this system for fast and reliable and now that we've proven our full sync in APDL we will be migrating in that direction with Logbook Pro. You are an APDL beta tester so you are in a predicament now where you have to keep both up to date until APDL -> Logbook Pro sync is available which will be made available to the beta team when ready.