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got a new palm and data is not transfering to the new one!


New member
Aug 30, 2005
I have had for a year a Tungsten E palm Pilot. I just got a Tungsten T5 Palm. I was having problems syncing some palm files (contacts, Calendar etc..)palm support had me change the file name in my program files from palm to palmold, once that was done, I uninstalled the palm files via control panels and they had me delete some other files by doing somthing weird. When I reinstalled Palm, a new folder was created in my c: drive called PalmOne. once that was done, I was able to sync all the files that would not sync before. I installed V6.0 on the T5 (V4.31 is on the E (old palm)) is this a problem, two different versiosn? Also, in the Palmold file, under my username folder, there is a file called ADPL and in the new palmone folder there isn't one.
Can someone help me, I do not know my way around computer very well!

Neal Culiner

Founder, President
Staff member
Nov 14, 2001
Hello Robert,

My understanding via your support e-mails this issue is resolved?