If the new APDL includes Schedule Importer, do I get a refund on my current subscript


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Jun 8, 2008
I just bought a subscription to Schedule Importer in anticipation of the new APDL coming out (I figured I'd pay for it end of December so I could claim it on this year's taxes). Now I read that it includes Schedule Importer. Will I just cancel my current subscription (upon purchase of APDL) or will what I paid credit to my APDL?
Also, am I the only one who is extremely shell-shocked by the pricing structure of the new product? I was expecting a one-time purchase like the products I currently have, not an outrageously priced subscription service. I was excited about the new product coming but this has taken the shine off the apple for me. You certainly kept that part of the new program a secret. Will there be any discounts for those of us who have the old version?
So it will just pro-rate the amount remaining on the subscription and extend the APDL subscription for the amount, not be taken off the purchase amount, is that correct?
Any comments on the unexpected pricing structure and how you came to that? Or any ideas of discounts for owners of the previous version?