cod--no duty times


Nov 12, 2005
I'm trying to figure out how to get duty times to show up right I paste this:

d1167 EXCEPT FRI SAT BSE REPT: 1750L OPERATES- JAN. 01-JAN. 30 Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Base/Equipment: DEN/BE1 CA01FO01 1 2 3 4 5 -- -- 8 1 5129 DEN-PIR 1850 2123 133 140 932 COD BEST WESTERNRAMKOTA, INC (605) 224-6877 SHUTTLE 9 10 11 12 -- -- 15 2 5126 PIR-DEN 0655 0730 135 149 308 0 329 11355 16 17 18 19 -- -- 22 D-END: 0745L -------------------------------------- 23 24 25 26 -- -- 29 TOTALS BLOCK 308 DHD 0 CREDIT 329 T.A.F.B. 1355(LANDÞNGS 2) 30 and get this with the generic crewtrac filter, it's the only one that will do anything: Imported trip :d1167 a BIDLINE.

Day 1 (Duty On: 1750 Duty Off:----)

Leg 1 5129 DEN PIR 1850 2123

Day 2 (Duty On: ---- Duty Off:0745)

Leg 1 5126 PIR DEN 0655 0730

my employer uses crewtrac, but we don't get our schedules electronically yet, so I have to import the pairings off the bid packet.

also if I import another trip (COD) that starts the same day that this one ended it erases the earlier leg.
is there a generic filter I can use...I saw mention of one in another post
I don't see a Duty off time in your schedule on Day 1 nor a Duty On time in your schedule for Day 2. That is why it is not importing that. The importer will not try to guess what your duty on/off times are if they are not in the schedule itself.

This appears to be a continuous duty schedule.

As far as it erasing the one leg when importing a 2nd trip, do you:
A) Copy and paste one trip, click import, Copy and paste a 2nd trip, click import, then sync your handheld device.

B) Copy and paste one trip, click import, sync your device, then copy and paste 2nd trip, click import, and then sync your device again?

Try the other option and let me know if that gives you better results.