Comair Emaestro


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Apr 29, 2007
Midlothian, VA
Hi Gang,

Starting June 1 Comair is changing over to Emaestro. Are you aware and do you know when there will be a fix for adding schedules??

Thanks in advance!!

I sent tech support some examples of a trip I'm currently on from eMaestro. It looks like the schedule importer (on line version) was very recently updated to 7.2.1 to include eMaestro however -- and techs take note -- the importer used the incorrect trip number. It so happens that the trip I submitted as an example was modified and somehow the importer read the original trip number instead of the new one.

Also, you'll need to use the "print view" to copy and paste your DSLs into the importer, not the default windows screen which it will not recognize.

Other than the incorrect trip number it seems to be working quite well. Make sure to use the "auto" feature.
Please send us trip samples if you ever experience a problem and we'll gladly adjust the filters. The change to 7.2.1 was not related to the filters but the actual schedule importer system itself. I haven't quite figured out yet how to distinguish the "system version" vs. filter versions. We are constantly adjusting the filters and adding new ones but there is no way at this time to indicate that. The nice thing about the schedule importer is that you can click the edit links and edit the data should anything need tweaking before you export it to your PDA. Again, please submit trip data if things aren't working right.